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We are a company dedicated to the service of exterior and interior demolition in Portland OR.

Our main job is to service your area of your property, regardless of its size.  It is not an easy job since on our shoulders lays the responsibility of keeping everything in order both in your property and in your neighbors’, and that is why we work with the best quality team and with workers who strive every day to be better and offer you the work you need.

Portland Demolition Guys is the name of the company you need to move forward with your dreams of demoing any structure you might have.  No project is too big or too small for us, as we work both residential and commercial demolitions in Portland Oregon, understanding their differences and magnitudes.  We work under county guidelines, and there is no safer company in Portland than ours.


We offer all types of services.

We have absolutely everything you need for your buildings, since we do partial and total demolitions of all types of land, and we even do pool demolition Portland if you are no longer satisfied with the result. You don’t have to stay with a house you don’t like if you have the opportunity to demolish it let the guys at Portland Demolition help you with what you want.  We offer you:

Residential Demolition in Portland OR

Residential Demolition

Commercial Demolition

Commercial Demolition

Pool & Garage Demolition Portland OR

Pool & Garage Demolition

Land & Bush Leveling

Land & Bush Leveling

Concrete Breakdown and demolition in Portland Oregon

Concrete Breakdown

So that you can visualize the exact pieces of your property that are in your way or that no longer match what you have in mind.  The hardest part is working commercial areas because of space, but we have the highest quality demolition contractors in Portland OR, and you will receive the service you need with the confidence of knowing they will do a good job.

Security is the most important thing for us.

We talk about your safety as well as the safety of our workers.  Residential Demolition Portland is not a job you can do yourself, because inside the walls and ceilings there are different types of wiring, as well as structural pillars in the case of partial demolitions.  It’s not just a matter of grabbing a hammer and starting to pound on the wall, as this could only cause accidents.  You need to have the right tools and know exactly what to do to get everything in order.  On the other hand, you need to have the right security seal.

Our workers have strict security rules that guarantee that everything will be under control during the whole project, and by the time we have finished, you will receive exactly what you wanted:

a blank canvas that is perfect for capturing all your ideas and making your house more aesthetic and practical.  Any work you need will be done with the utmost care, so you can be completely sure that your home will keep what you have decided to leave intact.  In the case of Demolition Company in Portland Oregon, it is a little more complex, but we can also help you.

No matter what the reason for the changes you want to make, we will take care of bringing your ideas to reality.  We understand that each person makes changes based on their needs and expectations, and that is why we are open to the concerns and requests of our customers, as long as it is a viable request.  We understand that it can be difficult to decide to take this step, but we can tell you from experience that people feel fulfilled and happy to do this, and finally create the home of their dreams.

However, not everything is aesthetic and in the case of old buildings, it is necessary to make certain restructuring to maintain security within the home.  The old houses have a structure that surely was very useful at the time but now they are obsolete and need to be changed, and we can extend a hand for this type of situation with a proper demolition in Portland.

In the case of natural disasters, call us at 503-506-4427

Not all cases of demolition are controlled and scheduled, as there are natural disasters that could put at risk the stability of your home and, consequently, the safety of your family.  We can offer you fast and accurate service in the event of an emergency and give you peace of mind at any time.  We look forward to your call to schedule an appointment to help you with your needs.